My name is Wendell and I am a ‘Bright’*  who derives pleasure from discussing ideas, thus the title of this blog.


A Bright is simply a person who aspires to believe in no unproven ideas.  Thus I do not accept as true the complete and unabridged list of those things unprovable (Russel’s teapot, God(Deist)), unproven (cold fusion), and disproven (homeopathy, God(specific with conflicting Omnis)).  I am clearly a committed and ‘New’ Atheist but my antipathy toward all other forms of misbelief is no less than my feelings towards any specific religion.  However in this culture at this time the damage that religions (mostly Christianity just because it is the vast majority in the US) do is so significant that many posts will lean in that direction.

Personal Profile

I am a child of the 60′s who neither lived in a hippie hot spot or had the guts/money to actually participate in the social movement which I so admired from afar.  Thus unlike many of those who suffered through the difficulties and disappointments of that era, my idealism came out relatively unscathed.  I fervently believe that the progressive goals and aspirations of that time were a vision of a vastly superior society and I abhor the retrenchment I see all around me.

I love music (can you guess which era?) and have played a variety of instruments in my day.  Family, reading, acoustic guitar practice and computer addiction take almost all available time beyond work.  As for work I am a geek computer person with a touch of business sense.  My career has been in managing small MIS departments and dealing with the unglamorous aspects (Accounts Payable, Inventory, General Ledger..) of the computer revolution.

Thank you for stopping by.  I do this almost exclusively for the purpose of engaging in conversation on these topics so please leave comments.



*The term ‘Bright’ was coined to provide a new label which would encompass the existing ones (Atheist, Skeptic…) and eliminate the definitional baggage they carried. Sadly enough the founders did not comprehend the level of arrogance and condescension implied by people calling themselves ‘bright’ (obviously therefore all non Brights must be dim or stupid). Thus the re-branding has been an almost complete failure and although the organization still exists, the movement was stillborn.  I however am found of the term and particularly like the title of this blog .

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