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Time to stop supporting the Boy Scouts

Time to stop supporting the Boy Scouts

It is time to stop supporting the Boy Scouts of America ( .   By refusing utterly to accept reality in their leadership they have shown that they are either ignorant of the facts or are pandering to their homophobic base.

Of course I realize they are called the Boy Scouts not the Rational Scouts but the fact is that in this case they are acting like children.  Open adult homosexual males are actually  less likely to commit the sex crimes they seem to be worried about.  They are no more attracted to young boys then they are to women.  Allowing them to lead a group does not increase any risks and simply encourages and teaches bigotry.

In contrast the Girl Scouts allow not only lesbian troop leaders but have no problem with males being in leadership.   I encourage anyone who supports the Boy Scouts or is affiliated with a group that allows them to meet to consider if you want to continue to do so.

(published in Tennessean Letters)