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Same Sex Marriage Makes Simple Sense

Same Sex Marriage Makes Simple Sense

I am utterly amazed at the continual consternation and confusion concerning the question of Same Sex Marriage (SSM).   Rationally it is clear and simple.

  1. In order to prohibit  SSM there needs to be some reason
  2. The reasons must be either social (allowing SSM damages society as a whole or individuals in some manner)  or religious
  3. If the reasons are religious any laws based on them are unconstitutional
  4. Therefore in order to prohibit SSM there must be societal issues

After years and years of these discussion I have heard only 2 societal reasons

  1. Marriage is for procreation and SSM does not pair humans who can procreate
  2. SSM makes some people very upset because they are disturbed by it

#1 is clearly not a valid reason since we allow infertile people to marry and #2 is simply no reason at all

Thus clearly and simply Same Sex Marriage cannot be prohibited in an rational manner and must be allowed.

(link to letter in Tennessean)

Intellectual Dishonesty Weakens and Damages Us All

Intellectual Dishonesty Weakens and Damages Us All

In a free country with the kind of diversity that we have we will never have complete agreement on policies and goals.  While that is somewhat personally frustrating (hey I am human like anyone and I think my opinions are the ‘right’ ones) I believe that it is our diversity of opinions which allows the creation of great ideas,  but not if we are not telling the truth to one another about what we stand for and why.  Not if we do not have all the facts before we decide. Not if people are being intellectually dishonest.

While this issue is not limited by belief or point of view (Liberal/Conservative, Democrat/Republican, Theist/Atheist) this article on our Congress voicing an opinion concerning Vanderbilt’s non-discrimination policy is an especially clear example.  How can people who are for  less government  hold this position? How can they look themselves in the mirror and not feel ashamed about their duplicity?  Obviously those Republicans (in this case)  are being dishonest about their motivations.

To our legislatures and leaders I must say.  ”Please please can you just stand for what you honestly believe and act in accordance with those beliefs?”  If you do as I ask then we the people can make decisions.  As long as you continue to be intellectually dishonest the great wisdom that has made the USA successful is subverted and useless.